At Zipezee we know that our clients expect and deserve individual solutions to their sales problems. However experience has told us that our range of 3 packages, with tweaks and twists, can cover nearly all our client requirements:

CREATE – Create and build presence online
MENTOR – Training your business to operate sites effectively
MANAGE – Create and manage sites for clients with minimal input


This package is aimed at businesses with a good working knowledge of online marketing: businesses that have the staff, expertise and time to use the platforms we build.

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This package is aimed at businesses with less knowledge of online marketing but keen to learn and run campaigns in-house. We will create and build an online presence as in our OVER TO YOU package but in addition we will provide comprehensive training in.

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This package is aimed at those businesses who grasp the need to boost sales but do not have the time or the inclination to do it themselves. Businesses who want to concentrate on the business in hand and not to become full-time Internet marketers.

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