Website Design & Development

At Zipezee we understand the importance of your website as a route to sales. We design and build sites that not only act as an online poster but help generate leads, help convert those leads to sales and even process the order with an ecommerce shop site.

Whether you need a complex multi page website incorporating audio, video, rotating banners and galleries; or a simple one page squeeze site detailing a specific message Zipezee can deliver for you on time and in budget.

Zipezee can manage the whole project from concept to delivery or simply provide the site and copy. We will properly optimise the site to raise your visibility and incorporate visibility raising blogs twitter feeds and news streams to maintain compelling content to your existing and potential customers. More >>>

Graphic & Logo Design

Your website needs to look professional and have a compelling look. Zipezee can either create your look and logo from scratch or adapt your current corporate look to be effective in digital media.

Zipezee will generate a range of options for you to choose from and then turn those ideas into a polished, relevant corporate identity unique to your business. Delivered as ever, on time and in budget. More >>>

Marketing Campaign Design & Management

If you fail to plan you plan to fail. Nowhere has this saying more truth than in marketing. Too many marketing schemes are ill thought out and not properly planned so deliver dismal results.

With Zipezee it is different. We will develop a comprehensive online marketing campaign for your business. From researching your market and identifying the key reasons to buy from you finding your niche, to generating offers to building squeeze pages , Twitter feeds, data capture pages, blogs, email marketing campaigns, Zipezee will plan it all with you. Or for you if you require.

Most importantly we will help you target your market and assess results to ensure the campaign is working. Delivering results on time and in budget.

Zipezee’s campaign management service allows you to run your business whilst we take care of your online marketing. We can either do this in conjunction with your marketing department or take the whole thing on ourselves and provide you with regular updates and analysis. More >>>

Social Media Marketing

Be part of the conversation. Like it or not Social Media has changed the way products and services are marketed forever. Businesses can now listen to their customers and speak easily to them. And communicate their sales messages directly.

There is definitely a Social Media platform – You Tube, Facebook, FourSquare, Twitter – that is right for your business. Zipezee will analyze your market, your competitors and your product to identify the best platform(s) to increase your sales. We will build your presence, help generate your messages and analyse the results to ensure that your business is saying the right things to the right people.

People are much more likely to respond to a direct message from Facebook or Twitter, especially with the massive take up of smart phones, than many more traditional media . Remember that your Facebook page and Tweets help raise your online profile too enabling search engines to value your website more highly and increasing the hits on your pages.
More >>>

Search Engine Marketing

If you want to sell online you have to be seen. More importantly you have to be FOUND. Search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc need to find you fast and first. Very few clients read beyond page 3 of a search. Zipezee understand how to market your business for maximum search engine visibility. From optimising keywords and meta tags to positioning copy on a page and building Google Adwords campaigns, we know how to make search engines take notice of you. And, just as important, keep taking notice of your business.

Zipezee will test market Adword campaigns and generate relevant links and directory entries for your business . We will optimise your niche and local markets to position your business high in the all important rankings and do it to your agreed budget. We will ensure you are found and not tucked away on page 10 of Google. More >>>

Content Marketing

Zipezee appreciate the importance of content for successful online marketing. Indeed any marketing. Just as you would never keep reading the same edition of a newspaper day after day you will not keep visiting a website that displays the exact same copy day after day. Once a potential client finds your site you need to have a good reason for them to stick on the page and contact you or indeed buy something from your business. Otherwise all that carefully crafted search engine optimisation will be worthless.

Content is king and we will help you create relevant copy and sales messages for your website as part of your online sales campaign. Using a combination of news feeds, Twitter feeds, blogs, offers and product news we will keep your web pages up to date, useful for your customer base and most importantly get those customers contacting you. More >>>

Email Marketing

It is easier to sell extra things to existing customers than to find and sell things to new customers. The easiest and cheapest way of maintaining regular contact with customers is via email. Zipezee have developed a simple and inexpensive email marketing package that allows you to do just that. In addition we can design templates and write a linked series of emails as part of the overall marketing campaign, to reinforce messages sent elsewhere. More >>>

Web Video

Your clients are individuals who respond to different stimuli. Many people do not respond to the written word . in fact they often ignore all but the simplest word messages. Most people however do respond well to visual stimuli, something eye-catching, different, not as demanding of them. This can include web video – an entertaining and informative way of highlighting your business messages to get you noticed and get extra sales. A picture tells a story and we will create pictures your clients want to see. Delivered as ever, on time and in budget. More >>>

Web & Email Hosting

Zipezee provides a stable and inexpensive web hosting platform for the SME market. With a large number of pages, easy and secure access plus a truly large number of email addresses each account can be simply tailored to suit your hosting requirements. More >>>

CRM Integration

Many businesses use a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) to help generate sales and track business activity. Zipezee can provide a CRM database that will mesh with your online marketing campaign to deliver targeted and measurable results. Alternatively we can build your campaign to integrate with your existing CRM to deliver an efficient marketing solution. More >>>

Analytics & Reporting

If you cannot accurately measure the results of your online marketing how can you know what worked? Just as important – what didn’t? Where did you get the best return on your marketing investment (ROI)? What should you keep and what should you dump?

Zipezee emphasise the importance of measuring your results. So we will provide regular updates, analysis and reports of what is happening, what is working and most importantly what needs to change. Online marketing results are relatively easy to monitor, unlike more traditional forms of advertising. We can see how many people have viewed your site, how long they stayed, who they are and what they looked at. From this information we can tweak the site, improve offers, drop keywords change formats to improve your site’s productivity. No more wasting money on campaigns that do not deliver. More >>>

Training & Consultancy

Whether you want a seminar giving you an overview of digital marketing or a training course in how to source leads and trade online Zipezee can deliver. We have extensive experience in training and mentoring clients who want to successfully market themselves or their business online. See Training for more details. More >>>