Website Design & Development

Zipezee offer bespoke website design – whether you are looking for a spruce up to your current website or a build from scratch.

Having a professional looking website is essential in today’s market because nearly all potential customers will search for you online and your website is often the first impression they get about you. It will very often be the difference whether you get that phone call, appointment or sale.

Having a website that looks great is just the start though – a successful website will embrace the following four elements:

  • Cosmetics – the website should look professional and be easily navigable. It should reflect what your business does and be consistent with existing branding
  • Functionality – each website is different but it should have the functionality that your company and website visitors require. These can include eCommerce, blogs, a content management system (CMS), integration with social media, email marketing software or a customer relationship management system (CRM), login sections, galleries, videos and more
  • Content - is still king on the web. Good content should be unique, grab visitors attention and speak their language to build confidence in what your company or organisation can offer them. In the majority of cases, content also needs to be optimised for the search engines as well as human visitors
  • Visibility – means getting found by your target market on search engines, other websites and social media channels. Having a website with poor online presence is akin to having a shop hidden away in a back street that no one knows about

Every client is different and where one may want a large complex website and digital marketing strategy, a simple website for a local market will suffice for another.

Whatever your requirements, Zipezee will take the time to understand your business, market and customers so that we can create an online solution that works. One that will generate a significant return on investment.

To speak to us and book a free one hour consultation, please call 02476 963069 or contact us here.